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GrowCow makes better, greener, organic based lawns in Northern Virginia

Our goal is to radically reduce the amount of chemicals used to promote healthy lawns that are friendly to the local bay environment. If you wish to take part in practical environmentalism AND get the green lawn you deserve, call us right away!


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GrowCow Lawn Care and MowCow Lawn & Landscape are recognized as an official business for the Bay Gold Founding Member!

We are excited to continue our contribution to Loving the Bay!

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Green lawn in front of a lovely Virginia home

Better, greener, organic based lawns

Learn more about GrowCow Lawn Care, and how we’re changing the face of lawn care…

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GrowCow Lawn Care Programs

Check out what we’re accomplishing with our popular lawn care programs.

Displays how our lawn care doesn't travel to the Chesapeake bay

We Love the Bay

GrowCow actively protects water quality by dramatically reducing traditional inputs.

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How to Feed and Maintain Your Lawn During Cool Weather

Find out how to prepare cool-season grasses for winter survival and springtime abundance. Right now, the subterranean world beneath your lawn is crawling with activity.  From rhizomes to beneficial…

10/03/2016Aeration Lawn Care Lawn Renovation

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Why GrowCow’s Seed is So Great

Greener, faster, stronger: grow that gold-medal lawn! A lush backyard oasis is born, not made—and it all starts with the right seed. If you’ve struggled with a patchy, sickly…

09/26/2016Aeration Lawn Care Lawn Renovation

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5 Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn

Instantly recognize the top symptoms of a compacted yard. If your grass is dry and malnourished, it might need more than fertilizer and prayers to the garden fairy. Bring…

09/19/2016Aeration Lawn Renovation Seeding

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5 Misconceptions about Lawn Renovation

I have to rototill my lawn to make it grow better While rototilling your lawn can help level out very uneven soil and open up air spaces, it is…

08/19/2015Lawn Care

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We’re more than just great lawn care.

Good Grass Guarantee

If your grass isn’t growing, GrowCow will make it right.

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70% Less Pesticides

At GrowCow Lawn Care, our recipe not only has naturally occurring insecticide properties, it smells great too.

Reduced Nitrogen Use per 1000 sqft by 60%

Nitrogen is great for turf growth, but very harmful for the Bay. We only apply what is needed, when it is needed- drastically reducing run-off.


100% Plant Based Applications

Our product integrates composted plant products, and ingredients like molasses and yeast to feed our live biology. There are no human or animal products in our nutrition. Green products-green practices-green lawns.

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