5 Reasons to Aerate Your Lawn

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Instantly recognize the top symptoms of a compacted yard.

Compacted soil and thin grass waiting for aeration and seeding

If your grass is dry and malnourished, it might need more than fertilizer and prayers to the garden fairy. Bring back your gorgeous lawn with aeration, a life-saving technique for grass!

Your lawn is a good candidate for treatment if:

1. You have lots of clay. It’s hard for water, air, and nutrients to get past dense North Virginia soil.

2. You have plenty of traffic. Lawns get compressed when visitors, pets, and family members walk and play on it.

3. You fail the pencil test. If your soil is so dense that a pencil has trouble penetrating it, you probably have too much thatch—a crumbly layer of dead and living shoots, roots, and leaves.

4. Your grass is thin and under-performing. Squeezed roots limit your lawn’s ability to grow, eat, and breathe. As a result, you’ll get an unattractive lawn.

5. You recently bought a new home. Construction crews often strip away topsoil, leaving new sod without crucial nutrients.

Regardless of the reason, compacted soil is the ultimate culprit. Fortunately, we have a solution for you!

A breath of fresh air

See great lawn results after GrowCow Aeration and SeedingBy deeply penetrating the soil, an aerator gives lawns more oxygen, nutrients, and water. And at GrowCow, we have the best aerators for the job!

Our state-of-the-art machines combine power with delicacy. For instance, our coreless Aeravator has vibrating tines that whir and thrust over your lawn, opening deep holes below the surface. Secondly, our new ZTS Core Aerator pulls the deepest cores ever.Both machines aerate twice as deep as our competitors. Combined with our exclusive GrowCow Pennington Seed, this is an arrangement both you and your lawn will appreciate!

Fall IS the Best Time to Seed

If you’re thinking about aerating your lawn, now’s the ideal time. As temperatures drop, grass roots spread. Imagine how much faster your lawn will spring back after our Aeration and Seeding That Works!

Aeration and Seeding in the fall is the best time to will give your yard a rejuvenating boost before winter approaches.

Aerate my lawn

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