Why should I Aerate?

Many lawns suffer from compacted soil.

Northern Virginia is notorious for tightly packed clay soils. Roots have difficulty growing in dense soil; water and nutrients penetrate very slowly. The result: poor air circulation and stunted turf growth. Aeration & Seeding is the solution!

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Our Aeravator

The first important step in the Aeration & Seeding process breaks up compacted clay with tines that vibrate vigorously, creating crumbly light soil perfect for seed germination.

Our Core Aerator

Another option is our ZTS Core Aerator. This baby is very efficient and quick, and pulls thick cores from your turf—laying down the ideal environment for lawn renovation.

Custom seed chosen by GrowCow experts




  • We generously over-seed with an elite mix of Pennington WaterStar® qualified seed, custom blended to meet GrowCow’s sun, shade and soil specifications.
  • Pennington understands that water is a precious commodity, which is why they produce genetically superior turf grass varieties with longer roots, higher drought and heat tolerance.
  • Our GrowCow Supreme Mixture features our tri-fescue blend (Rebel Extreme, Justice, and Penn RK4), to which we’ve added Soprano perennial rye for quick germination.
  • It’s Blue Tag certified (which means we pay more to ensure it is the most pure and weed-free in the industry).

Good Grass Guarantee

If your grass isn’t growing, GrowCow will make it right.

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