Better, greener, organic based lawn care

Mixed fresh daily!

Mooganix, our living lawn care product is an organic based bio-stimulant. GrowCow provides “better, greener, organic based lawn care” for you, your pets and the environment.

Build better, greener, organic based soil.

Mooganix is chock-full of active bio-nutrients and live soil microbes that naturally promote a vibrant, lush green lawn. Mooganix not only provides nutrients to your turf it also adds beneficial soil microbes that boost nutrient uptake naturally.

Best of all… with a balanced healthy soil ecosystem, we apply fewer chemicals, less fertilizer and get GREAT results.

We create a fertile, robust soil community where turfgrass can thrive and put down deep, strong roots. Healthy soil and deeper roots mean your turf is better able to withstand drought, disease and high summer heat.

We mix Mooganix fresh every day to make sure these beneficial soil organisms thrive on their journey to your yard.


Love the Bay

Better, greener, organic based lawns


70%* Less Pesticides in our Lawn Care


Our recipe not only has naturally occurring insecticide properties, it smells great too.

60%* Nitrogen Reduction per 1000 sqft


Nitrogen is great for turf growth, but very harmful for the Bay.  We only apply what is needed, when it is needed- drastically reducing run-off.

100% Plant Based Bio-Stimulant


Our product integrates composted plant products, and ingredients like molasses and yeast to feed our live biology. There are no human or animal products in our nutrition. Green products-green practices-green lawns.

* On average. We only apply what’s needed, when it’s needed. The actual amounts can vary based on the needs of your lawn.

Use of Traditional Fertilizers

Industry Standard

Healthier soil = healthier turf

Healthier Soil = Healthier Turf

Healthy stand of turf out competes weeds
naturally without additional chemicals.


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1,238 yards proved organic based lawn care works!

You may wonder, “Ok, you’re organic, but does it actually work?”

Yes! Our slogan isn’t “better, greener, organic based lawns” for no reason. In our research, we applied Mooganix, which has less pesticide and fewer nutrients (fertilizer) to 1,238 yards in Northern Virginia. These lawns performed as well or stronger than adjacent lawns using traditional lawn care programs.

Green Products + Green Practices = Greener Lawns