Our Commitment to Loving the Bay!

GrowCow Loves the Bay

See our latest Press Release that recognizes GrowCow Lawn Care & MowCow Lawn & Landscape as a Businesses for the Bay Gold founding member!

We know that excess fertilizer can run off lawns during storms and flow into local streams and onto the Bay. Our commitment to protecting the Bay stands true in our lawn care programs.

When nitrogen and phosphorus, the prime nutrients found in most traditional lawn fertilizers, end up in the Chesapeake Bay, it can lead to algae blooms and dead zones.

Because we care about great lawns AND water quality, we intentionally apply 70% less nitrogen AND achieve great turf results. Our bio-stimulant product, Mooganix, enables plants to more efficiently take up nutrients that have been made available to plants by beneficial soil microbes.

Thus significantly lower quantities of synthetic fertilizers are needed to obtain the lush green results previously only available through the use of traditional turf fertilization products.

Save the Bay with GrowCow.

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GrowCow Lawn Care and MowCow Lawn & Landscape are officially recognized as an Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay – Businesses for the Bay Gold Founding Member!

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Why are we so insistent about testing your soil?

Soil nutrient levels vary throughout Northern Virginia. We only want to put down what your lawn needs and nothing more. Turf growing in healthy soil that is pH balanced can absorb applied nutrients. We want nutrients, including nitrates and phosphates found in fertilizer, to stay on your lawn. During rain storms, excess nutrients can be transported to local streams and ultimately to the Chesapeake Bay where they harm the ecosystem.

Protecting water quality.

We entered into a voluntary agreement with the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation to protect and improve Virginia’s ground and surface waters. We have submitted and received approval on our Nutrient Management Plan, which covers the amount, placement, timing and application of nutrient containing materials. Our technicians are trained to follow this plan and responsibly handle all lawn care products. Unlike most lawn care providers, we have an environmental scientist on staff who keeps us abreast of current research and water quality issues in the Chesapeake Bay region.

Bay-Friendly Practices

image-save-the-bay-dcr“We want lawns to act like sponges, soaking up storm water and reducing nutrient and sediment run off to nearby streams.

Erosion Control & Drainage Solutions

Do you have areas that contain standing water, or storm flow that is so strong that it causes erosion? Our pros at MowCow Lawn and Landscape can design a storm water solution to effectively decrease erosion by rerouting and slowing the flow. French drains, dry riverbeds, and downspout rerouting can be uniquely designed to fit your property needs.

Soil Enhancement

The fastest way to build up great soil is by Top Dressing with nutrient-rich compost. It will increase water retention in the soil, decrease run off and require less nutrients. Best of all, you’ll have a terrific lawn with longer happier roots, that is more resistant to disease, heat and drought.