Why Crabgrass?

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crabgrass_downspoutTop Five Reasons You have Crabgrass – even if you treated

1. Crabgrass seeds are carried by wind and may have blown into your yard after your pre-emergent barrier was applied in spring.

2. Crabgrass seeds, which are all over our roads and parking lots, are easily trapped in car tire treads and carried to your driveway. Rain washes them into the driveway-lawn edge.

3. Crabgrass seeds easily attach to pant legs and shoes and are carried to your home.

4. Crabgrass seeds get trapped in between your pets’ fuzzy toes and on their fur, as well as animals passing through your yard.

5. Crabgrass seeds carried by wind and birds onto your roof, wash into downspouts flow right into your lawn.

crabgrassroadA single plant can produce up to 150,000 crabgrass seeds a year, many of which are carried away by wind and water. These tiny seeds can lay dormant in your lawn for years, sprouting when you least expect it. People and pets unknowingly transport the seeds during their daily activities.

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