How to Feed and Maintain Your Lawn During Cool Weather

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Find out how to prepare cool-season grasses for winter survival and springtime abundance.

Right now, the subterranean world beneath your lawn is crawling with activity.  From rhizomes to beneficial fungi, everything is preparing for a new season. Give your grasses the boost it needs!  We’ll show you why targeted fertilizer, mowing, and weed control are absolutely crucial during fall.

Seasonal Growth

Pumpkins decorate grocery stores like bright balloons, and handkerchief ghosts dangle from spindly tree branches. The spicy tang in the air, coupled with the musky scent of chimneys, signals the arrival of fall.

We’re not the only ones enlivened by autumn.  Northern Virginia’s cool-season grasses—true to their name—gets just as invigorated.

Like anything experiencing a growth spurt, your lawn desperately needs food and TLC.  It’s just like a gawky teenager.  But if you feed the beast, you’ll be rewarded with a lush springtime landscape.

Intrigued? Here’s how we like to prepare lawns:

Fall Fertilizer

Right now, your lawn is doing the equivalent of raiding the fridge. Months of frost and ice are coming, and it’s scavenging the soil for extra nutrients. Rhizomes—the horizontal feelers that generate roots and grass blades—are especially active.

But winter survival isn’t enough. Your yard needs additional fertilizer for that springtime growth, when blades finally wake up from hibernation.

If you fertilize now, you’ll ensure your yard reaches its full potential. Otherwise, grass will look stunted and malnourished by April.

So what’s a Northern Virginia gardener like you to do? We recommend applying a root developer treatment to boost your lawn’s nutritional uptake and cool weather resilience. And as far as timing goes, starving lawns like yours are best fed during the fall.

Keep up the haircuts this fall

Even though your grass looks dormant—at least, the visible part—you’ll still need to mow regularly. We recommend you don’t mow more than 1/3 of an inch at a time, though.  Beautician’s tip: For the last mowing of the season, cut close to the crowns.  That way, grass blades get more sunlight and you’ll see less browning!  Water regularly, too.
Bonus tip: Get your mower blades sharpened! A sharp blade, especially after seeding, will protect new seedlings from damage.


Weed Wrangling

While cool-season grasses are gearing up for winter, other plants are shutting down.  You’ve probably noticed that some weeds are less active in autumn, which is never a bad thing.

But some lawns in Northern Virginia might have a few bad seeds. If you have unwanted weeds, no worries—time is on your side.  Unlike cool-season grasses, which lives perennially, annuals like weeds are blooming while they may. They’re sucking up all available water, sun, and nutrients. Feed them some weed control, and they’ll rapidly absorb it, too.  As a result, they’ll die off faster than at any other season.


Fall Quick Start Lawn Care, at Your Service

Between pumpkin carving, Thanksgiving musical-chair craziness, and football couch surfing, you might not have time for yard work.

That’s why we have GrowCow’s Fall Quick Start Lawn Care. Our team will do all the labor-intensive treatments, so you have extra time for pies, presidential debates, and making a costume for Fido.

What’s more, all that recent rain means now is an excellent time for yard prep. Nothing grows grass faster than damp soil!  We’re excited by such promising conditions, and we can’t wait to get started on a lawn like yours.

Here’s what makes our service stand apart:

  • We cherish the environment. Stewardship of the Chesapeake Bay is one of GrowCow’s primary objectives. With that in mind, our fertilizer uses 70% less nitrogen.
  • Beneficial microbes. Simple organisms like protozoa and nematodes (the good kind) provide nutrients to the soil and remove harmful bacteria. We’ll add more microbes to your yard!
  • Comprehensive maintenance. We’ll remove weeds and even adjust your soil’s pH.
  • Grass and root enhancement. Our organic nutrition will fortify your lawn with a special fall fertilizer—a great way to jump-start your grass or turf seeds.


We hope you’re just as excited about autumn as we are!  Let us know if you’d like to know more about our Quick-Start Lawn Care package.  We’ll happily answer any questions you might have.

Quick Start My Lawn


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