Why is my lawn greener than my neighbor’s lawn?

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Lots and lots of reasons!

 It could be that you and your neighbor have different varieties of turf grass that grow at different rates. It could also be that your soil is warmer. Warmer soil can lead to faster growth.

If you’re a GrowCow lawn care client, your soil has more beneficial microbes, like endo-and ecto-mycorrhizae. These microbes are breaking down soil nutrients which are readily absorbed by your turf grass.

 Without getting too technical, mycorrhizae are microscopic fungi that surround and even penetrate turf grass roots.  In exchange for carbohydrates; these fungi provide nutrients such as phosphorus and some nitrogen to the plants.  It’s a terrific natural partnership!

Are these fungi readily available in the soil?  Not typically.  Especially if your soil has been chemically treated, heavily waterlogged or has very little organic matter near the roots. These natural lawn boosters are also frequently absent in newly constructed neighborhoods, where the soil has been relocated and compacted.


If you want to kickstart your turfgrass, contact GrowCow and we’ll get your lawn back on track.

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