Organic Flea & Tick Program


Protect your loved ones
from fleas & ticks.

Organic-based program repels fleas & ticks from your property naturally. Any fleas or ticks left lingering will be rendered too lazy to eat or reproduce, and will leave your pets alone. (5 applications spaced throughout the growing season.)

How does it work?

The aromatic oil repels fleas and ticks from your yard the same way cedar wood keeps moths out of closets. This pheromone inhibitor makes adults lazy and confused, keeping them from mating or eating your pets. This application also dehydrates eggs and larvae, preventing them from hatching.


Will it harm my pets?

Nope, but we ask that you keep pets off lawn until dry, about 15 minutes.


How long is it effective?

Our flea and tick treatments are effective for ~30-45 days. It is even more effective if your adjacent neighbors participate.

Encourage your neighbors to participate to ensure a larger protection boundary against these petite pet-loving scoundrels. Keep your pets happy, and enjoy your flea and tick-free yard!


Will you treat my wood line?

Spraying back into the wood line is recommended. Fleas and ticks prefer higher humidity habitats, thus tiny leaf or stick piles or tall grass are prime hideouts.