How are my sprouts? 14-Days…

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<< 7 – Days

After 2 weeks of spectacular fall weather (for humans), lawns aerated, over-seeded and consistently watered should exhibit a thin threadlike blanket of green.

Even with adequate moisture, some of our fescue seed will just be kicking in to gear, as it takes 7-21 days to germinate. We intentionally formulated a unique fescue seed blend for your specific area.

Penn RK4 Fescue, for example, features exceptional turf quality, lustrous color, brown patch resistance and our favorite, drought tolerance.

“Good watering looks like this”


Because you aerated, existing as well as newly sprouted tiny turf roots can easily expand into the soil.

If your work schedule has helped you ignore your yard and encouraged you to enjoy the spectacular weather; remember your seedlings need attention too. Please water.

“No watering looks like this”


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