Where are my sprouts? 7-Days…

on 09/17/2014 Lawn Care with 0 comments

Wondering when your new grass seed will grow? Adequate moisture, awesome seed and warm soil is all you need to kick start germination. Our porcelain cow statue indicates that yards where seed has been consistently kept moist, new sprouts are 1 to 2.5 inches tall.

“Good watering looks like this”


Mother Nature, who typically provides frequent fall showers, has been noticeably absent these past few weeks (rendering the soil surface pretty dry). To germinate, seeds must absorb sufficient water to swell and crack the hull (a fancy word for “seed coat”).

If you don’t have many seedlings (like in the photo below), it probably means your seeds need more moisture.

“No watering looks like this”


Let’s hope Mother Nature gives us a heavy sprinkling this week.

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