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Watering Instructions

Watering Instructions: The key to successful lawn health.

To maximize seed germination:

  • Watering = Results
  • Keep seeds evenly moist, but not flooded, as seed will wash away
  • Water twice/day for about 15-20 min depending on your sun/shade conditions
  • Super sunny and windy areas dry out more rapidly than shady spots

Seedlings beginning to grow - water is the key to good growth!




New seedlings are very susceptible to drying out

  • Gently water the new sprouts once or twice a day, for ~20min
  • Gently move sprinklers around to cover all lawn areas
  • Soil should be moist but not soggy
  • Continue to water regularly until turf growth is slowed by cool weather

When is the best time to water?

  • Early morning, before the sun’s rays begin drying the soil.
  • Your second watering can be done just before your soil surface fully dries out—this will depend in your sun/shade and wind conditions AND whether or not we’ve had any rain.

Is your sprinkler doing its job?

  • Sprinklers can get cranky. To check efficiency, spread a few soup or tuna cans in watering zone and compare amounts collected.

Tired of worrying about time spent sprinkling?

  • Hose timers can help watering stay on track when you’re not present (found at box stores, amazon, etc…)
  • You set the time you want it to run and walk away… like magic

Want an irrigation system installed?

  • We install new systems, rain sensors, repair heads, lines and routinely check your system.
  • They are more affordable than you think.
  • Spring openings
  • Winter Closing