Why GrowCow’s Seed is So Great

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Greener, faster, stronger: grow that gold-medal lawn!

A lush backyard oasis is born, not made—and it all starts with the right seed.

If you’ve struggled with a patchy, sickly lawn for years, don’t throw in the trowel just yet. Our quality grass blend is here to the rescue!

Enchantment Backed by Science

Ready to grow that emerald-green lawn? You’ll need 3 simple ingredients: biology, research, and digital-image analysis. If that sounds complicated, don’t worry—our GrowCow Supreme Mixture does all the hard work for you! Each bag comes with efficient, hardy seeds raised from generations of stress-tested stock.


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Like you, we want to know exactly who is raising our plants. And at GrowCow, we are especially close to Pennington, a 3-generation business that’s raised quality grass since 1945.

Here’s why we use their Water Star seed in our GrowCow Supreme Mixture:

• It’s tough. Along with several universities, Pennington selectively raises seeds for today’s harsh conditions. You benefit by getting the hardiest grass available.
• It’s kind to the environment. Having a gorgeous lawn can seem like a luxury, especially during drought. Fortunately, Water Star seeds meet rigorous Turfgrass Water Conservation Alliance standards—so you can have that yard and enjoy it, too!
• It’s got strong genes. Believe it or not, seed quality matters. Pennington exposed Water Star grass to 2 years of drought stress tests and digital image analysis. The result? Seed that lives up to its name.
• It’s American. That’s right, Pennington’s grass is grown and raised entirely in the U.S.

The GrowCow Difference

Aeration & Seeding doing it's magic, growing thick grassOur mixture doesn’t stop with Water Star seeds. We supplement it with Soprano perennial rye and 3 other grass varieties. That way, you’ll get quick, vigorous growth that meets our soil, shade, and sun specifications.


What’s more, GrowCow Supreme Mixture meets Blue Tag certification standards. You’ll get a grass blend that not only grows, but also comes without weeds and impurities.

Does our investment raise the price? A little. But cheaper grass blends are less efficient, which means you’ll end up buying more in the long run.

So go ahead! Try GrowCow Supreme Mixture on your lawn—we think you’ll be astounded by the results.

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