Will deer eat liriope grass?

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We wish our answer could be “NO, deer NEVER eat liriope!”



liriope-2Typically, this clump forming groundcover, also known as lily tuft, ranks low on our Deer Yum Yum list, especially if tender tasty tidbits are growing nearby.

Rutgers Cooperative Extension categorizes liriope as seldom severely damaged, but our clients living along the Occoquan River would STRONGLY disagree!

liriope-1Unfortunately, in their yard, the deer eat absolutely everything (except oregano). Even during this record setting wet summer, with loads of lush vegetation bursting forth, the deer are choosing to repeatedly snack on their new tender liriope shoots.

In the picture below you can see the crisply cropped tufts encircling the tree. At this point in the summer, liriope should be much taller and wider, pushing up flower stalks. A few clumps were ripped out by feeding fawns, whose tiny footprints are peppered throughout this mulch bed.

One bright spot for this deer decimated landscape is that our clients don’t have to trim their lily turf back in the spring, because the deer neatly groom it for them.

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